This site was created as part of an international conference on Doris Lessing’s life and work, held at Plymouth University on 12/13th September 2014.

Following a tremendously rich and enjoyable two days, Edinburgh University Press will be publishing a book that draws on work initiated during the conference – Doris Lessing and the Forming of History – co-edited by the conference organizers (Kevin Brazil, David Sergeant, Tom Sperlinger). Check back here for more details as the book progresses …

This site will continue to exist as a Doris Lessing resource: see the blog for a cornucopia of Lessing related delights!




Contributors: Sophia Barnes, University of Sydney; Nick Bentley, Keele University; Kevin Brazil, University of Oxford; Cornelius Collins, Fordham University; Adam Guy, University of Oxford; Clare Hanson, University of Southampton; Rowena Kennedy-Epstein, University of Bristol; Laura Marcus, University of Oxford; Elizabeth Maslen, Institute of English Studies, University of London; David Punter, University of Bristol; David Sergeant, Plymouth University; Tom Sperlinger, University of Bristol.


Site header, photo credits: Francesco Guidicini, Chris Saunders, Ingrid Von Kruseuse

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