Irreparable ecological damage

“Just the morning I left I was watching a couple of hornbills trying to eat cypress berries – they were dying of hunger  – they would take the cypress berries into their beaks and let them drop, try again, and they very slowly flew off, and apparently the wards are full of dead birds, but not for long, because of course the baboons who are starving come and eat them. And it’s this, uh, feeling of irreparable damage being done ecologically which is so painful. But this is not only a black tale because – I’m sorry for the pun – I mean it’s very also hopeful because, this country is so resilient, in its’ self, its’ mood, it’s so – um – inventive and optimistic that although – I could give you a whole string of disasters and at the end I would still be optimistic simply because they are determined to make the place work.”

Listen to the Doris Lessing interview with Don Swaim, October 8, 1992, RealAudio (40 min. 22 sec.) MP3 File


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